About Us

Huatai Securities (USA) is a financial institution authorized to conduct securities business in the US. Located in Hudson Yards in New York City, we provide our clients with investment banking and institutional securities services. As China’s vast middle class continues to grow rapidly, and China’s financial markets continue its path of liberalization and further integration into the global financial system, Huatai Securities (USA) is proud to be a responsible global corporate citizen that can help companies and investors from different parts of the world better understand each other.

With an experienced local team in New York, supported by our parent company group’s vast resource and network in China, we bring unique market insights to corporations and investors in the United States, China, and beyond. We help our clients make important strategic and investment decisions with ideas and advice, and help carry out execution with a high standard of professionalism.

Our parent company, Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. (It’s shares are traded on the stock exchanges in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and London.) is a leading technology-driven securities group headquartered in Nanjing, China.

Founded in 1991, Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. has grasped the opportunities offered by China’s capital market reform and opening-up, leading the way in transforming China’s securities industry via financial technologies. Considered to be a titan in the industry, Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. has long provided comprehensive, fully integrated, professional and diversified “client-centric” securities services for individuals and institutional clients. Today, both Huatai Securities (USA), and Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. continue their journey into a new chapter of global expansion and internationalization.